Over time I have been asked to give several workshops in my area of expertise:

3D printing for Making

Introduction to 3D printing and intricacies of its origin and methods. Intro to 3D modeling via tinker cad. Introduction to Afinia 3D printing software and demo on how to optimize the model for printing and on how to print.


Base workshop on the basics of the arduino, basics of electronics, breadboard, LED and wiring. Build simple sketches and upload them to arduino, use simple sensors to introduce a more complex negotiation of the arduino environment.
More advanced workshop also branches into working with the tinyduino and the tinylily. Newest iteration also includes working with the tinyscreen on how to integrate it into wearables and how to upload videos to it.

Fab Lab Design

Workshop on the workings of fab labs, introduction to equipment and basic procedures. Also organization of a base fab lab, including mission, team structure, safety procedures and utilizing the fab lab network.

Web Design Bootcamp

A short overview to launch a portfolio website in 2 hours. Includes demo on cheapest way to obtain a domain name and hosting. Furthermore covered image manipulation to clean up and prepare images for the web and an introduction to a simple online content management interface.

Portfolio Preparation

Weekend workshop teaching principles of photographing your portfolio work, manipulating the images to prepare for print and web. Covered intricacies of how to print physical portfolios and where to obtain physical portfolios.
Short section on logo and systems identities. Second day section included on how to setup a web portfolio, edit and make it live on one’s chosen domain name. Setup email addresses and work with social media to promote the work.