When I joined the faculty at the Myers School of Art, great emphasis was paid to ensure my understanding of the importance of creating more exposure to digital/virtual opportunities for our students, as the school understands the shift in the paradigm from physical to digital. The premise was to even the course ratio of 70% print to 30% digital to a 50% ratio.

With this premise in mind, I was able to help re-shape the Web 1 curriculum and write new curricula for Multimedia Production and Advanced Graphic Design in my first semester. My second semester introduced new curricula for Design for the Web and Devices Section 2 and 4D Interactivity.

My pedagogical approach is based on project based learning and my curricula are centered around several smaller milestones that lead to the completion of a larger more complex project. Through research lectures, design and code presentations I am stimulating students to become life-long learners in an environment where information is so abundant, that pinpointing data correctly and accurately has become difficult.

I perceive research as a pillar of information that leads to better design outcomes. Furthermore I prefer a method of hands on success and failure. Especially in the intrinsic difficulties that unique art work presents, it is important to be able to express and defend the research and results. As we are in a field where expression is vital, I advise my students to be open to positive critique. I also urge them to work in teams early on in their career as they have to able to be part of a cohesive unit in order to succeed in the market place.

Successful negotiation of teaching code development to design students in my opinion is only possible through project based hands on development. As our program catalog has been designed to take classes in sequence I pay close attention to a successful advance of the students skill-set, as I teach them Web 2 in their sophomore year, see some of them again in their junior year in Advanced Graphic Design and also teach the portfolio class in their senior year.

Our reputation in the local design/arts and agency community is strong and we have been very successful in placing many of our students in local and national agencies, such as Hitchcock Fleming and Associates (Kevin Stuhldreher), the Portland Timbers (Alex Kocher) and the Lebron James Family Foundation (Nick Lopez).

My students have won 3 local American Advertising Federation Addy’s for Web design (Web 2) and 1 AIGA student award (Advanced Graphic Design).

I am very active in my community and my research in digital design and open source is on the fore front of contemporary research in my field. My 25 year experience, my professional development and continuous feedback from students and alumni help me to keep current and adjust, improve and fine tune my teaching skills as well as my curricula.

  • Taught 37 studio classes

  • Taught over 500 students

  • 3 Addy's

  • 1 AIGA award

  • Successful Student Placement in agencies and relevant industry