My primary service accomplishment from Fall 2012 to Fall 2014 was to serve the Myers School of Art as the uncompensated Interim Gallery Director of the University’s Emily Davis gallery.

I have signed responsible for 10 very positively received shows, such as Reni Gower’s traveling show papercuts and Collider6: data with over 3000 visitors threw the doors of the gallery. Furthermore I managed a total of 4 graduate assistants and over 20 work study students. In addition I took over management of the gallery’s and school’s website and social media accounts.

Furthermore I am leading the efforts to create a fab lab for the Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center on campus. I am also on the search committee for the first cluster hire of the BRIC research faculty.

Together with Tony Samangy I am serving as the co-curator of the media art exhibition series Collider.
Since my involvement I have co-curated 13 artists in 3 venues for Collider 3-6. Please use the curatorial tab in Creative Research for further information.

As I am quite active in the Open Source community, I support several local causes. I have supported the efforts of the tinyduino development, an arduino clone 1/4 of the size of the original arduino board and am actively involved in the development of the Open Source Loom.

In professional service outside of University of Akron, I have been a paper peer reviewer for the Shapeshifting Conference Publication and the Textile Research Journal.

In other professional service I am consulting on the Akron Business Accelerator MakerSpace advisory panel for creating AKRONMakes the largest Maker Space in NE OHIO, in the midst of downtown Akron.

I have created several designs pro bono for the Shifting Paradigms Fashion and Technology Exhibition at the Kent State Fashion Museum.

  • Gallery Director for 2 years

  • Peer Paper Reviewer

  • Consultant for Fab Lab efforts

  • Collider Co-Curator