Professional Service

2014- present
Akron Business Accelerator – AKRONMakes Makerspace Advisory Committee
Advisory Board on building a multimillion dollar maker environment in downtown Akron

2010 – present
Webmaster and Project Manager for the Open Source Loom project, business advisor

2011 – present
Co-Curator responsible for 13 artists in 3 venues
In addition technical support for the installations, logistical organization, developed interactive chat labels,
and general management and organization

Pro Bono Design

identity and website design

Shifting Paradigms
Designed identity, postcard, catalog and website for the Shifting Paradigms Show at KSU Fashion Museum

Paper Reviews

Shapeshifting Conference Publication – 2014

“Repeatless: transforming surface pattern with generative design”

“Transformative Textiles: Integrating material and information in the design of sonified textiles“

Textile Research Journal – 2012

“A Sustainable Fashion Design Process via Laser Engraving Technology”