Course Description

The student will develop a basic online, print and interactive portfolio within suitable multimedia
environments. Concepts of press ready art, portfolio photography, online image optimization
and basic website delivery with the use of the Adobe Creative Suite will be taught alongside
a video and interactive component. This knowledge will be sufficient for the generation of
an online portfolio presence. Students will work with the zipspace server provided by The
University of Akron and with several social media resources of their choice.
Students will apply their design skills to these different media and should become aware of the
advantages, necessities and potential disadvantages of these different

Course Objectives

• Individual professional networking via social media
• Introduction to the Adobe Creative Suite
• Basic Image Manipulation and basic layout within the Adobe Creative Suite
• Presenting online digital portfolios via several digital techniques such as pdf, reels,
youtube and vimeo
• Preparing and delivering an online portfolio from digitally manipulated files via the use of
imovie and the Adobe Creative Suite
• Pre press preparations for printing
• Basic Photography for digital portfolio
• Basic Videography for digital portfolio
• Introduction to web production
• Working with web production files in an online hosting environment
• Introduction to interactive multimedia
• Basic presentation planning

Fall 2010

Multimedia Production Screenshots: Ashley Bammerlin, Sean Eastin, Amanda Slagle