Course Description

A course to help students prepare a professional portfolio and resume.
Includes individual project development to develop a physical and virtual portfolio.
Portfolio review and exhibition will take place in the Emily Davis gallery.

Course Objectives

• Create an effective professional portfolio
• Understand how to best promote yourself
• Begin to networking
• Participate in exhibition of portfolios
• Become fully prepared to enter a career

Spring 2015 – Fine Folk

Fine Folk Screenshots: Andrew Krigline, Skylar Wuebker, Alyssa Otto , Adam Rufener, Alex Somoseky – Fine Folk Postcard

Spring 2014 – Join Us

Join Us Screenshots: Collin Arnold, Sarah Spyker, Sam Smith, Nick Hafner, Join Us Postcard

Spring 2013 – Pinpoint

Pinpoint Screenshots: Charlie Bailey, Eryn Peterson, Keith Knittel, Melissa Turi, Pinpoint Postcard