Course Description

The student will build on knowledge obtained in Designing for the Web and Devices 1 in
furthering a complete understanding of XHTML and CSS. An emphasis is placed on research
and design. We will review Information Architecture as it pertains to graphic design for the
web. MySQL and php will be introduced for dynamic delivery of web contents. Students will
experience designing specific applications for web distribution on computer screens as well as
small handheld devices.

Domain names, ISP’s and transferring and developing on an active server through ftp programs
is discussed in preparation for clients. A primary goal is for each student to have and maintain
a dynamic personal web site throughout the course. This site will be a launching pad for the
students continued online presence. This course requires to obtain and host a personal domain

Course Objectives

· basics of Information Architecture for site planning and organization
· XHTML and CSS for dynamic web structure
· MySQL and simple SQL commands
· intro to dynamic web architecture within the php language (open source)
· Domain name, ISP and working with active server files.
· Understanding the uses of scripting, programming
· Small screen considerations

Fall 2014 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Adam Rufener, Amy Willoughby, Eddie Woolley, Brandon Jones, David Pashovich, Kayla Matejka


Spring 2014 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Skylar Wuebker, Jennifer Shaw, Amanda Puleo, Bailey Bixler, Justin Bastock, Sarah Williams


Fall 2013 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Alex Somoskey, Zac Faas, Delaney Baronwright, Kayla Hull, Sam Smith, Michael Kovach


Spring 2013 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Victoria Feiler, Katie Soinski, Lauren McAndrews, Jim Kozich, Mee Vue, Brian Barr

Fall 2012 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Bradley Lutz, Brian Todd, Collin Arnold, Sofia Bastulli, Charlie Bailey, Shane Lewis

Spring 2012 – 2 sections: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: David Dellosa, Justin Crutchley, Chris Craig, Michael Talese, Eryn Peterson, Meghan Fagley

Fall 2011 – 1 section: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Cephorah Yanke, Lindsay Jasionowski, Zac Bettendorf

Spring 2011 – 1 section: Syllabus

Web 2 Screenshots: Alex Kocher, Joseph Ickes, Stacey Ketcham