Course Description

This course will introduce students to the process of designing and producing web sites, with an emphasis on the creative aspects of web development. Students will learn how to plan a site, assemble content, prepare images, convert design concepts to XHTML and CSS, and manage it for the future. The student will develop a basic understanding of XHTML and CSS.

This knowledge will be sufficient for generation of simple web sites. Students will work with the zipspace server provided by The University of Akron and Dreamweaver to develop their own personal web site.

Students will work at applying design and type skills to the web and all of the design considerations that this entails. Throughout the process, students should be aware of all variables and tradeoffs that effect each decision made in the design process as it relates to the web. Students will also be made aware of future trends/directions in web design.

Course Objectives

• Understanding the history of the www and Internet
• development of XHTML and CSS for page structure
• Dreamweaver working knowledge
• working with active server files, primarily zipspace

Spring 2012

Web 1 Screenshots: Jamie Mapus, Lauren McAndrews, Zac Faas

Spring 2011

Web 1 Screenshots: Chris Craig, Mahala Bloom, Abbie Geoghegan

Fall 2010

Web 1 Screenshots: Lindsay Jasionowski, Aileen Yenco, Cephorah Yanke