Course Description

This course will consist of a site specific installation in the lower and upper atrium as well as the project gallery. The dates for the show are not yet finalized, but will take place either during the last week of November of the first week of December(or some kind of combination of these dates). Work has to be adapted to the space and showcase a maximum of skill and creativity.

In addition publication collateral needs to be identified and created: e.g.: Logo, postcard, poster, flyers and websites. The class will be divided into groups to achieve most collateral by midterm. This part of the class will be graded as the midterm. Furthermore students will apply their design skills to showcase a graphic design of their choice, specifically and uniquely negotiated for the space (site specific).

The work can be in any media the student has been sufficiently trained, but please note the limited availability of technology, such as projectors. Designs will be intricately documented and artists statements and reaction statements are required as part of the process. Final grade will be determined by the level of creativity of the piece, the technical execution, documentation, and writing.

Course Objectives

• Advance senior level students in their conceptual thought process
• Allow for maximum creativity to prepare students for the fast paces of production cycles
• Develop a statement of design and a statement of reaction
• Research on conceptual backgrounds and historical contexts of chosen designs
• Site specific Installation
• Document the work process(including it’s difficulties and it’s final outcome

Fall 2014 – Facade

Facade Screenshots: Alyssa Otto, Michael Schwartz, Ling Pan, Robert Hagmeier

Fall 2013 – Splice

Splice Screenshots: Collin Arnold, Amanda Fogler, Andrew Snyder

Fall 2012 – Spectrum

Spectrum Screenshots: Stephanie Tremble, Katherine Schultz, Evan Andes

Fall 2011 – idiosyncrasy

idiosyncrasy Screenshots: Bradley Lutz, Megan Sacerich, Stacey Ketcham

Fall 2010 – Colloquium

Colloquium Screenshots: Sanjin Rosic, Alex Kocher, Garrett Haas