• 2015


    • Large Scale 3D Prints


    • Printed in PLA, post processed



Akron Beacon Journal
3ders March

VS:0.02 [gridiron] interprets game data of an American football game visually in sculptural form. We artistically interpret the data of a single 60 minute american football game into 3D printed depictions that visually condense the game into a single frame.

We use data from publicly available sources, where we analyze the travel of the ball in the game for every play. Our 3D software then builds arcs based on the distance the ball travels. In order to keep the flow of the game recognizable, the teams are assigned a side, the kickoff team starts from the right hand side. Plays are numerically advanced from the back to the front. We have printed all 51 Superbowls to date.

The large print of Super Bowl 49 took 5 days to complete.Please see the video at the end of the page for further explanation and a timelapse video of the 5 day print.

Artist Interview by Megan Smith – The Akronist

Superbowl 1 – 50

Gallery View

Time Lapse Video – 5 days in 3 min