Born in Salzburg, Austria, my European background allows for a broader overlapping of creative disciplines and therefore I integrate design, art, sound and making in my work.

I describe myself as a hybrid designer, artist, educator and researcher. It is my main interest to investigate and produce work at the intersection of these disciplines.

My research interests are grouped into 4 main sections:
Digital Fabrication, Open Source, Interactive Installations and Graphic Design. My research discovers new processes and insights such as conceptual 3D printing, open source development and music and dance interfaces. These conceptual approaches result in exhibitions and performances, publications and conference presentations.

My work has been showcased on 4 continents with exhibitions at Art Basel Miami, Eyebeam New York, Collider, museumsquartier Vienna, Austria, Academy of Visual Arts, Hongkong, Beijing Fashion Institute, Beijing, China and at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and my research has been presented at conferences in New Zealand, China, the UK and in the US.

I achieve most of my work collaboratively within an interdisciplinary collaboration since the year 2000. My methodology informs my artwork and my teaching as it keeps me updated and on the forefront of my discipline.

My teaching integrates my research, as my experiences directly translate to the classroom. I especially concentrate on experiential learning by utilizing a project based “real life” curriculum.

My service to industry, the school and the College keep me well engaged University wide and in the local design , making and art community as I participate in a constant dialogue on how to improve the locale.

All these methods inform and inspire each other resulting in a dynamic presentation of my work and research in the design, art and academic community.